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" We Define

           We Design

                 We Deliver...!          Licensing models which are  most cost-effective, flexible, and manageable software and cloud services."

SOLUTIONS  is designed to help qualified technology companies build, sell, service, and support solutions for their customers, based on Technologies.Solutions  takes advantage of advances in technologies and new styles of work to create a new business environment where customers can be more effective. we gives organizations the power to be more competitive.Employees can work more effectively and connect with customers in ways that once seemed impossible.Solutions initiatives are typically built upon a Define ,Design ,Deliver  model that allows these business process investments to be more successful.few trends will make as big an impact on business operations.Solutions understands this. We’re helping our customers reimagine their business processes and change how they compete in the market.

​Microsoft  Volume Licensing

  • Open Value

  • Open Value Subscription

  • Open License

  • Microsoft Online Services

  • Enterprise Agreement

  • Select Plus


Adobe Licensing

  • Value Incentive Plan (VIP)

  • Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA)

  • Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP)

  • Transactional Licensing Program (TLP)

 Solutions has the potential to transform a large part of the IT industry, making software even more attractive as a service and shaping the way IT hardware is designed and purchased. Developers with innovative ideas for new Internet services no longer require the large capital outlays in hardware to deploy their service or the human expense to operate it. They need not be concerned about overprovisioning for a service whose popularity does not meet their predictions, thus wasting costly resources, or underprovisioning for one that becomes wildly popular, thus missing potential customers and revenue. Moreover, companies with large batch-oriented tasks can get results as quickly as their programs can scale, since using 1,000 servers for one hour costs no more than using one server for 1,000.

Microsoft Cloud Services 

  • Cloud infrastructure

  • Business continuity

  • Cloud computing

  • Converged systems

  • Hybrid cloud

  • Integration

  • Public cloud

  • Service delivery

  • Software-defined networking

  • Storage

  • Virtualization

  • Virtualization and private cloud

  • Virtualizing enterprise applications

Adobe  Cloud Services 

  •  Creative cloud

  •  Document cloud

  •  Marketing cloud


VM Ware Cloud services

  • vCloud Director

  • vCloud Suite

  • vCloud Air

  • vCloud Connector

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